Friday, May 13, 2011

Oh Snap!

Well well well look who lost another 1.5lbs! That makes me 5lbs lighter! I don't know who I am to say this but.... I like body back and I like stroller strides! I don't miss being a couch potato or sleeping in.... well maybe sleeping in alittle bit! I wish the weight would go away faster but I will take it! Sandra said that at 4 weeks into BB people start to quit, that they don't see the results fast enough and by 6 weeks your body adjusts to your new life. Well I'm on 5 weeks now so we will see :)

My first mother's day was AMAZING. I have a new fav holiday! I worked alittle but then I got to see my wonderful baby smile and laugh. We went for a walk at Forest Park... Bojangles the pug was not impressed LOL. And then we went out to eat at my fav place Piccadilly Pub! Don't tell Sandra!  but just to be able to come home and give Brynn a bath and tuck her in was a wonderful present.... I wish I was a stay at home mom!

Friday, May 6, 2011

FB is very important to me people!!

So last week while driving back for Stroller Strides I saw a girl I knew from college. She was pushing a stroller too, I thought wow thats cool maybe she is on FB and we could become friends... having a mom in town would be nice to go for a walk with or maybe sign her up to SS and get a discount! Anyway I found her on FB and I wrote a message saying I saw u on the street I have a baby too blah blah blah... trying not to be a stalker lol! So she friended me and I didn't have time to really check out her page or write on her wall this week... so again today I saw her walking and I thought I need to talk to her... well... I went to find her on my FB and the bitch unfriended me! WTF!? Whatever, your baby wasn't cute enough to hang out with Brynn anyway!!!  :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Another one (and a half) bites the dust!

1.5lbs lost this week! I'm super happy because with Easter, teething, broken toes, PCOS, PMS and work I should have gained 50!

I worked for Easter and I thought that would be good because I wasn't around the home cooked food or the desserts. I ended up going to Friendly's with a client. I had a salad with walnuts, chicken and apples. It was pretty good! And I thought to myself, it's easter you can treat yourself. So I had fro-yo with strawberries and oreos! Well... I sorta forgot that client's families love to bring desserts back home with them... so I spent my evening and Monday shift eating jelly beans, cheese cake, peeps and chocolate!

Even though Brynn is almost 10months she doesn't have any teeth! On Tuesday she started wanting to chew on everything and drooling like a faucet, she also did another thing a few times but I will spare her with the details. I thought for sure we would wake up with a tooth. But Wednesday she starting being cranky as well and she has pretty much been that way since... teething tablets have helped TONS and I wish they would come back on the market because I'm getting low on my bottle. But STILL NO TOOTH! How long is this going to take!  Coffee Fribble anyone?

On Thursday while I was getting ready for work I stubbed my toes. I didn't think anything of it because I do that all the time. But one toe continued to hurt and by the end of the day it was black and blue. I broke the m-fer! Please pass the Big Mac!

Also towards the end of the week i was so tired! My whole body ached. I feel like I couldn't even move at Stroller strides on Friday.

So that was my week... not the greatest and I'm glad its over. On to the next!

During body back this week we did a exercise where we run around the track in a line. The person in the back runs to the front of the line and the new last person runs to the front and so on. The other women in body back are no where near as heavy as I am, and some of them like to run! So after 2 times of running to the front my body screamed for me to stop. I slowed down and I started to panic because I felt like a failure. Then I couldn't catch my breath and I really started to panic. I knew to stop and put my head down which helped but I really scared myself. And the rest of the work out I wouldn't run.... thinking about it now I feel silly. Pushing myself is something I need to do more! But the other ladies were and are really supportive. I am alittle bummed that I didn't lose the most weight though, haha.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Brynn on the 16th! July 16th 2010


Body Back week 2

Go me! Go me! Go me! :::doing the cabbage patch::::: I lost 2 pounds last week! And I had the most lbs lost last week in Body Back! I also found out that if at the end of 8 weeks you have the most loss overall (weight and inches) your next session of BB is free! Thats a wicked nice incentive!

But my past few days have been horrible. I ate Easter candy and desserts like they were going out of style! Doesn't help that I didn't take my metformin and I didn't write down my foods. Although I did exercise and I did drink the water. So today is a new day and I ate a good breakfast and a healthy snack so far.

I've decided that for mother's day I want a jogger stroller. I wish that we could afford the BOB stroller but we can't, plus I'm so new at this walking/jogging deal that I would want to spend that much and not use it 6 months from now! So I have decided on a Baby Trend Expedition LX, pink ofcourse :)

Friday, April 22, 2011

Body Back week 1

Last weekend I started a boot camp program called Body Back. It's a mom's only hour workout. Last weekend was assessments and starting weights. When I saw that weight on the scale I nearly tipped over!! And then the instructor texted me today and said I didn't write the number down do I remember it? Um.. ofcourse it is burned in my skull forever!
But this week I went to stroller strides 3 times and I have wrote down all I have eatten. Plus I am drinking more water and I know that makes me feel better altogether! So I'm hoping for atleast a 3 lb. weight loss. At the scale at home I'm already there.. Wish me luck!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

approaching 40 weeks

It's hard to believe that Brynn has almost been out in the world for as long as she was in me... where does the time go! I know people say that it goes so fast... but I never knew how right they are!! Sometimes I miss her being so little and cuddly and sometimes I barely remember those times! She still isn't crawling yet, I'm pretty sure she is going to just skip it and walk, she loves to "stand" all day. We hold on to her while she stands and if u try to put her down she stiffen ups! She already has a personality and knows what she wants!

My oldest friend Nicole is having a baby in a 2 weeks! Her pregnancies went by so quickly! I can't wait to have something in common with her again and to watch her baby grow! I'm dying to know how much he will weigh!!