Friday, May 13, 2011

Oh Snap!

Well well well look who lost another 1.5lbs! That makes me 5lbs lighter! I don't know who I am to say this but.... I like body back and I like stroller strides! I don't miss being a couch potato or sleeping in.... well maybe sleeping in alittle bit! I wish the weight would go away faster but I will take it! Sandra said that at 4 weeks into BB people start to quit, that they don't see the results fast enough and by 6 weeks your body adjusts to your new life. Well I'm on 5 weeks now so we will see :)

My first mother's day was AMAZING. I have a new fav holiday! I worked alittle but then I got to see my wonderful baby smile and laugh. We went for a walk at Forest Park... Bojangles the pug was not impressed LOL. And then we went out to eat at my fav place Piccadilly Pub! Don't tell Sandra!  but just to be able to come home and give Brynn a bath and tuck her in was a wonderful present.... I wish I was a stay at home mom!

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  1. Yay!! That's awesome! Makes me want to get to the gym so I can stop seeing .2 lb weight losses:)